Image Ark is a branding and creative studio based in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Entering a new era with a clearer vision of the power of branding and storytelling, our multicultural team is embracing digital connectivity to adapt to the new reality. Now more than ever, we are fully tapping into our ability to be agile and imaginative in a rapidly-shifting world order to craft meaningful brand identities, bold campaigns and singular ideas that are relevant for tomorrow’s consumer.


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Photo: Binod Gautam


We are blessed to be in the heart of the historic city of Patan, walking among exquisite centuries-old monuments which leave us in awe every day. A city of arts and artisans since the medieval times, inspiration is never far around the corner here, stimulated observing the intricate details of a temple, or chatting up a coppersmith hammering out a pot, or quietly observing a Thanka painter meditatively add strokes to his creation.