Ayuwanna is Barberyn’s medical centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka, within the healing space of the well- established Prana Lounge.

We were asked to brand the space in the unique style of Barberyn and to harmonize it with Prana Lounge existing visuals. Our unique challenge was to maintain the character Barberyn as a medical centre with curative and preventive treatment by Ayurvedic medical doctors rather than a wellness spa.

We produced a set of collaterals and promotional materials using fluid watercolours, illustrations and natural papers to give them an urban sophisticated look while retaining the authentic natural character of Barberyn.

For the launch of Ayuwanna we designed and curated an experiential exhibition where guests circulated among hanging lanterns.

Identity Collaterals, Signage Design, Exhibition Design
CLIENT: Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts, Sri Lanka
SECTOR: Healthcare & Tourism
YEAR: 2019