Design For Life is a luxury scarves and accessories brand founded by Rebecca Slater of Rebecca Recommends in the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. With an aim to support local foundations which are working towards rehabilitation and reconstruction post-earthquake, Design For Life sought to tap into the skill set of Nepalese artisans who work with high quality cashmere and other natural materials, which would also help support their livelihoods by earning dignified wages.

To define the identity of Design For Life, we introduced a concept that is deeply rooted in Nepalese culture and also encompasses universal values.
The Mandala is a strong, recurring motif with a ritualistic significance in the Nepalese society.  In Buddhism, it represents, among many things, a mirror to the divinity that resides within oneself.
Its rich aesthetics feature a circular, symmetrical pattern leading up to a central point to represents the cosmos, from beginning to end. We stylized and simplified the mandala to make large, unique motifs with light outlines.

With every piece of packaging and collaterals we designed and produced for DFL, we wanted to reinforce the image of an ethical, sustainable fashion brand.

Using Lokta, traditional Nepalese handmade paper, was an easy decision, as it is not only one of the most durable and resistant papers to exist in the world, but has a unique organic texture.

Its resistance to tearing, humidity, insects and mildew made it perfect to wrap and protect beautiful DFL scarves without ever having to use any plastic.

With a sleek bamboo stick closure, we introduced a 100% handmade and biodegradable packaging for a brand created to endorse the same values.

Brand Strategy and Design, Product Design and Production
CLIENT: Rebecca Slater, United States
YEAR: 2016