Founded by a group of friends passionate about crafting original and authentic travel experiences, Ventours International Travel specializes in luxury journeys across the Indian subcontinent, specifically India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Sri Lanka.

We created Welcome Kits with illustrated dossiers for Ventours VIP clients in 4 countries and designed luxury room amenities to add to guests’ experience in remote lodges.

We knew the designs had to be authentic, original and representative of the culture of each country while preserving the integrity of the Ventours brand across all collaterals.

Considering the sophisticated and well traveled Ventours clientele, we wanted to make the welcome kit informative, easy to read and so beautiful that the guests HAD to take it home as a souvenir. The folder made of Lokta, the Nepalese handmade paper, contains a multipage itinerary, an information booklet and a hand drawn map highlighting the regional specialties. The final finishing touch was a stylized paper clip handcrafted in brass by Nepalese artisans.

On arrival at the lodges, the guests are welcomed with comfortable lounge robes and slippers in organic handloom fabric. For the bathroom, we designed and developed hand-hammered copper bottles on a wooden tray to contain the shower essentials, with organic bath soap packaged in a nettle pouch to double as a loofah. A copper soap dish with a gentle hand-carved flower motif completed the set.
Each item was developed with natural or biodegradable materials keeping in mind that often the lodges up in the remote areas do not have a waste management system. With this, we ensured that travel would not add any negative impact on the pristine natural environment.

Collateral Design, Product Design and Development, Illustration
CLIENT: Ventours, India
SECTOR: Travel & Tourism
YEAR: 2016